Marilyn Bice

Jan 4, 2023

Marilyn Bice

Marilyn Bice is the current director of Reba’s Ranch House. She has served in this position for 11 years since joining in 2011. Marilyn was originally introduced to Texoma Health Foundation during her time working at Austin College as a supervisor over students participating in internships through the school's leadership program. She worked closely with Texoma Health Foundation founder, Michelle Lemming, and was impressed with their work and moved to join them in their mission of serving the Texoma Region. 


Through Reba’s Ranch House, Marilyn works to care for individuals who have family hospitalized in the region. “The organization is filled with a very kind and loving staff. Everyone here really cares about their neighbor and we do our best to share our mission with all who come through our door.” She also works to mentor the students who intern at Reba’s Ranch House through Austin College. She believes the work they do is unique in many ways. “We have an opportunity to serve many areas of this community and we intend to reach them all.”


Marilyn is a lifelong learner and enjoys sitting in on seminars when she has the opportunity. She has a heart for the work she does as the director of Reba’s Ranch house, and for the families she helps during difficult times in their lives.