Mental Wellbeing

A very outspoken part of our mission is how to improve mental health in our region. Mental wellness is part of our daily lives and studies show that better mental health outcomes lead to improved physical health and vice versa! We encourage everyone to take time and evaluate issues you may not be overly aware of in yourself or your loved ones. It’s important to ask “Are you okay?” and genuinely listen to the stories of those who are struggling around you.

Some of our initiatives

Okay To Say

Okay to Say™ is a community-driven movement initiated by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute to increase the public’s awareness about how mental health affects us all.

Learn more about eliminating the stigma around mental health at Okay to Say

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Texoma Behavioral Health Leadership Team (TBHLT)

We believe that empowering community leaders to take action and gain the knowledge and tools they need is the best way to support area-wide mental health efforts. Members like police chiefs, mental health providers, school teachers, industry leaders, legislators, and others establish a shared organization for coordinated planning and implementation.
We have had the pleasure to support the creation of local BHLTs (Behavioral Health Leadership Teams) that are taking great strides in the recognition and implementation of solutions to issues surrounding mental health in Texoma.

Take a mental health Screening

Mental Health Screening Tools provided by our partners

Mental Health America


The Texoma Health Foundation Park is part of our place-based philanthropy effort in our community. Access to nature, open spaces, and community programs contribute to improved physical and mental health. We wanted to leave a lasting legacy for all in our region to enjoy and one that will last generations.

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