We hope to inspire change and health around the world but for us it starts with our immediate community including the above counties.

Our Priorities

Texoma Health Foundation and those invested in the wellbeing of the region can make a difference by utilizing, providing, or sharing available resources for a happier, healthier, and hopeful Texoma.
We work to connect all different types of donors and funds with our area’s most pressing health needs. Explore how you can be part of community driven wellness.

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Community Grants

Community Grants are an important part of our work in the community. By providing non-profits resources to continue their work, we make a difference in the lives of people across our 4 county region. Learn more about the process and take our quiz to find out if your project is eligible for a Community Grant!

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Our Mental Health Initiative

A very outspoken part of our mission is how to improve mental health in our region. Mental wellness is part of our daily lives and studies show that better mental health outcomes lead to improved physical health and vise versa!

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Mental Health Screening Tools provided by our partners Mental Health America

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Mental Wellbeing


Reba McEntire’s love for our community is manifested through Reba’s Ranch House, a hospitality house that offers family members of patients in area hospitals a place to stay and a warm meal at no cost to them. Reba’s Ranch house is situated on the THF campus and is available to people around the world.

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