Leveraging strategic partnerships locally and nationally contribute to Texoma Health Foundation’s success and drives its continued efforts for a healthy,  happy, and hopeful future for all Texomans.

Partner Spotlight

Dr. Trivedi and the UT Southwestern Center for Depression are a partnership we have cultivated to help us understand issues in our region and possible solutions. Texoma Health Foundation invited Dr. Trivedi to expand his ongoing research into adolescent depression and suicide in the Dallas area to our community. This new perspective into suicide rates among adolescents in a rural community like ours greatly increased the effectiveness of Dr. Trivedi and his team's research while adding a global, evidence-based practice in our schools and collecting new data on an important issue in our region not yet identified.

Partner Spotlight

OSU-Center for Health Sciences has developed rural programs and projects that greatly benefit regions in Oklahoma, like Texoma. THF has had the opportunity to partner with OSU-CHS and learn from several initiatives including the Center’s Project Blue Streets, the creation of the National Center for Wellness and Recovery, participation in ECHO and an important collaboration to better understand the needs of residents in Bryan County.  

As all four counties in THF’s service area, Bryan County, Oklahoma experiences more frequent mental health distress and higher rates of suicide compared to the state and nation. The county’s suicide rate is 19.4 compared to the national rate of 13.5 and a 2019 survey conducted by Blue Zones found two out of every three residents reported a lack of purpose or hope.

 In 2018, the Choctaw Nation, First United Bank, the Oklahoma Department of Public Health and the Texoma Health Foundation funded the Bryan County social determinants study conducted by the Oklahoma State University-Center for Health Sciences – the first in the State of Oklahoma. The report is significant in that it not only confirms the population’s mental health needs, but it can serve as a needed tool to help influence change beyond the doors of healthcare services -by helping to improve opportunities to live aq uality life. 

A special thank you to Dr. Shrum, Dr Beaman and Dr. Julie Croff for the extra time and work you have given to our service area.


Reba McEntire’s love for our community is manifested through Reba’s Ranch House, an X Room hospitality house that offers family members of patients in area hospitals a place to stay and a warm meal at no cost to them. Reba’s Ranch house is situated on the THF campus and is available to people around the world.

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Texoma Giving Partners, is responsible for raising money and establishing endowments and funds that power Texoma Health Foundation. Those who hold funds or endowments are part of a tight-knit community of donors called the Legacy Circle who contribute to Texoma Health Foundation’s mission.

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Grants & giving

Community Grants are a cornerstone of our work at Texoma Health Foundation. We find great pride in helping the nonprofits who support our community and its wellness.

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The Texoma Health Foundation Park is part of our place-based philanthropy effort in our community. Access to nature, open spaces, and community programs contribute to improved physical and mental health. We wanted to leave a lasting legacy for all in our region to enjoy and one that will last generations.

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Please support the park by making use of it and enjoying all it has to offer!

THF Park
3801 South US Hwy 75
Denison, TX 75020

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