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Is your non-profit eligible?

To save you time and effort in the grant application process, the Texoma Health Foundation has developed a common application form.

Complete this Eligibility Form to see if your nonprofit is eligible to apply to the Texoma Health Foundation and/or the Fannin County Hospital Authority.

Please note: Priorities have been expanded.

Eligible Organizations

Organizations eligible to apply include public agencies, public charities and/or tax- exempt organizations located within the Foundation’s four-county service area and classified under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.


Preference is given to projects or programs demonstrating a lack of dependability on foundation funds, such as including match funding and/or strong strategies for project sustainability. The Foundation’s service area includes over 200,000 residents across four counties in Southern Oklahoma and Northern Texas. This area carries a significantly high number of nonprofit organizations deserving of THF’s support. Many of these organizations have already, or are anticipated to request funds to support worthy projects that align with THF’s mission and priorities.

Funding cannot adequately cover all of these programs and needs. Due to the competitive nature of the grants process and THF’s desire to conduct a fair and objective review, it is rare for the same organization to receive repetitive funding from THF. Organizations that have a strong plan for self-sustainability and who propose projects that do not rely on future funding will be viewed more favorable than projects dependent on THF or the FCHA for continued operations.

Thank you for your submission!

Please submit proof of 501c3 to gilmore@texomahealth.org

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